Terms & Conditions

All the users availing services from Garg Tour. shall be deemed to have understood,

read, and expressly accepted the terms and conditions of our agreement and it will govern the

desired provision or transaction of services by Garg Tour for all purposes, and it is

binding the user. All liabilities and rights of the Garg Tour. Ltd and the user with respect

to any services to be provided by Garg Tour. will be restricted to the scope of this



Garg Tour. reserves the right, in the sole discretion, to cancel or terminate the

access to all or any Garg Tour. websites or other sales channels and the services

thereof at any time, without prior notice, for any reason or general maintenance whatsoever. In

addition to this, there are few terms of service (ToS) for the services or products provided by

Garg Tour. Services like a bus ticket, railway or flight booking, hotel reservation, etc

come under ToS. The same will be updated by Garg Tour. which will be deemed to

be included in this agreement. In case of conflict between ToS and this agreement, the terms

and conditions of this agreement will prevail. The user is required to accept and read thoroughly

the relevant ToS for the product or service availed from Garg Tour.

The user is responsible for ensuring compliance with the guidelines and terms of the service

provider with whom the user selects to deal which includes terms and conditions of the service

providers' like fare rules, carriage contract, and other such rules. The service provider may

provide its own terms and conditions that govern some features like offers and services given by

them like flights, reservations, packages, etc.


Garg Tour. reserves the rights to undertake any necessary steps to ensure safety,

security, and integrity of our company as well as our users to remain well-protected. For this, we

may take various necessary steps to ensure and verify the authenticity of the orders placed by



Garg Tour. may change, add, remove, discontinue or suspend any service, content

or product posted on our website, including the specifications and features of products or

services depicted or described on the site at any time, temporarily or permanently without

liability and prior notice. By continuing the use of this site after any changes posted, you are

accepting the changes and you indicate your approval of the said changes.


Garg Tour. provide services to the user conditioned on the acceptance of all terms

and conditions included in this agreement and the ToS, as applicable from time to time. It is

clarified that the availing of the services by the user constitutes an acceptance by the user of the

agreement and ToS. If the user does not agree with any term or condition then the user is

advised to not avail Garg Tour. services.


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